Humanism is a philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively.


When we talk about communications or public relations, we often focus on outputs without taking a step back to see the big picture, the human connection. First asking why we are doing this, what are the overall goals we wish to accomplish, and how the outputs help achieve these goals? Communications shouldn’t be an afterthought.


My approach to communications and public relations may not be unique, but it is effective. I will challenge the status quo, bringing it back to the 5-W’s. Why are we doing it, who is the audience, what do they care about and what do we want them to care about. How are we going to reach them, when will they pay attention and where do they go for their information.


In today’s ever-connected, ever global world, definitions and audiences are situational. Defining the customer can be as simple as the person buying your products and services, or as far-reaching as your company’s suppliers, employees, shareholders, regulatory authorities, and the larger communities in which you work and they live.


Strengthening the relationship between the company and these stakeholders can mitigate risk and be a competitive advantage to drive customer loyalty, positive public opinion and employee commitment.




I bring 10+ years of experience in communications, business strategy and public relations. As a natural networker, powerhouse and workhorse, Humanista Projects is my second independent venture leveraging my time in product marketing at Microsoft and career at WorldLoop, a start-up when I joined in 2012 bringing sustainable e-waste management to Africa. I possess in-depth knowledge of sustainability in the IT sector, producer responsibility, electronic waste management and circular economy.  


I thrive on opportunities to think out of the box, connect with people and delivering amazing strategies and projects for diverse clients. 

To learn more about my experience, have a look at my resume (PDF) or LinkedIn.


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