Award-winning Application Submissions

Receiving recognition for a job well done is a two-pronged process. First, you have to do the good work with demonstrable impact. Second, you have to share this good work with others. One effective way to quickly gain credibility and publicity is through awards. But to be granted an award, you have to be on the jury’s radar.

That’s where Humanista Projects comes in. Working together with the granting agency and internal teams, Humanista has a track-record of writing award winning applications to showcase the strengths and opportunities of a project or product and successful coordination of press awareness.

Here are a few successes to share…

2014 European Business Awards for the Environment

The partnership between WorldLoop and Umicore was a finalist in the the prestigious European Business Awards for the Environment 2014 -15 in the International Business Cooperation category. The Awards were established by the European Commission Environment Directorate-General in 1987. They are presented every two years and aim to recognise and reward European companies that set an example by successfully bringing together innovation, economic viability and environmental concerns. The scheme consists of five awards, rewarding companies for management practices, products, processes, international business cooperation and biodiversity activities that contribute to economic and social development without detriment to the environment.



2014 Belgian Sustainable Partnership Award (WorldLoop & Recupel) Brussels, Belgium

The partnership “Changing the e-waste Cycle” between Recupel and WorldLoop received first place in the 2014 Belgian Sustainable Partnership Award for the most inspiring collaborations between business and civil society in Belgium. The partnership was developed by Belgian organizations, but its impact is most apparent in the South. Through Changing the e -waste cycle, WorldLoop, Recupel, Close the Gap, Umicore, Coolrec, Galloo, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and others are working together to address the environmental risks of electronic waste (e-waste) in Africa.

Jury chairman and KVS – director Jan Goossens praised all participating organizations for “their courage to dare to look back at the creation of shared value across organizational boundaries.”

2013 Belgian Business Award for the Environment (WorldLoop & Umicore) Brussels, Belgium

The partnership between WorldLoop and Umicore received 3rd place at the Belgian Business Awards for the Environment in the category ‘international business cooperation’ granted by Business & Society.

According to the jury, this project is based on solid economic and environmental logic and combines “the best of two worlds” through an innovative partnership. By joining Umicore’s expertise in recycling with the experience of WorldLoop in Africa, the partners are contributing to a safe and sustainable treatment of e-waste in this region. The jury was impressed by their work with local actors to train and empower them.



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