Website strategy and authoring

Whether launching a new company, product or brand, an online presence is a necessity. When WorldLoop, a nascent social enterprise, rebranded in 2012, a new website, story and image were needed.

Working together with a web developer, the site was designed from the ground up with a strategy that included the target objective and audience in mind, and the information that needed to be communicated as an information center.

Once the wireframe and sitemap were developed, all copy was written, images selected and the WorldLoop’s story of changing the e-waste cycle unfolded on the webpages.

“Let’s Talk Trash” was an interactive initiative of Close the Gap and WorldLoop in collaboration with Belgian photo journalist, Griet Hendrickx and web developer Mr. Henry. The goal was to educate about the organizations’ missions to bridge the digital divide while changing the e-waste cycle. By telling this story on a human level, giving the most impacted people a voice, the project aimed to bring awareness about the positive and negative realities of ICT and e-waste on a global scale.