Specialized in for-profit and non-profit B2B communications, business development and public relations, we can help you identify and organize your next stakeholder roundtable, develop the quarterly updates your followers and customers want, design and manage campaigns to get your initiative, product or brand noticed.

Focus areas include: Global sales and marketing, Information Communication Technology, End-of-Life asset management, Circular economy, Sustainability & CSR.


  • Website design and creation: Humanista Projects™ will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your current digital presence against your strategic goals and make recommendations of what, where and how your content should be displayed. This can then be shared with your in-house developers, or Humanista Projects™ can build out the site for you.
  • Promotional testimonials: Who better to convince a stakeholder or customer of your services than existing customers. Word-of-mouth communications has evolved to include videos, social media and many more non-traditional channels. Let’s explore how with a very small budget, your brand can benefit from these resources.
  • Marketing & Communications Project Management: A lot happens behind the scenes in order to make any initiative, product, event or project realized on time and on budget. Humanista Projects™ will manage all the moving parts, gathering the right information, input and buy-in, keeping you informed all along the way.


  • Communications: “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” A great product or idea doesn’t get traction unless it’s talked about by those in a position to buy. A little up-front planning on communication strategies, branding cohesion, positioning and messaging, and campaign development can go a long way to see your projects appreciated by customers and influencers.
  • Research & Analysis: While lots of quantitative data is readily available, there’s a missing opportunity to understand the human side of your industries trends and data-points. Skilled in conducting qualitative market research, data collection and analysis, Humanista Projects™ can pull this information together to strengthen your quantitative findings and recommendations.
  • Environmental, Social, Governance consulting:  By introducing ESG strategies to your core business operations, your business can reduce risk and increase profitability. Together we will explore opportunities and techniques specific to your industry, organizational size and business goals to develop strategies for positive impact and change.


  • Stakeholder & Community Engagement: It takes time to build trust and rapport with your audiences, but you also need to know all the audiences who could positively or negatively reflect on your brand. Stakeholder mapping and tailored messaging helps ensure your position and relevance in the market. At the end of the day – all business, all purchasing decisions are made by people. And rational arguments are not always strong enough to outweigh the emotional and psychological bias of a person. Relationships matter.
  • Fundraising & business development: Fostering and building relationships to help close deals, build brand loyalty and realize new shared-value initiatives.